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The Glazial Group is a holding company based in Zurich, Switzerland. What the Glazial conglomerate produces, develops and researches depends entirely on the subsidiaries it currently controls.



Glazial generates value for shareholders, employees and other stakeholders involved by following what Marx described as the general formula for capital:

M-C-M[‘], the transformation of money into commodities, and the change of commodities back again into [more] money;

Karl Marx, Capital Vol. 1, part 2, chapter 4

The Glazial Group follows this formula by investing (M) into other companies (C), whose value is increased in order to return an increment of the original investment (M’). In practice, the translates into alternating cycles of expansion, consolidation and divesting. During the

EXPANSION PHASE, Glazial merges with or acquires undervalued companies, whose potential has not been fully realized. Then, in the

CONSOLIDATION PHASE, the value of the acquired companies is increased using restructuring and synergies. Finally, in the

DIVESTING PHASE, the acquired companies are sold for more than they were acquired, returning an increase of capital.

Currently, the Glazial Group is in an expansion phase, meaning we recently sold all of our subsidiaries to increase our capital and are now looking for new targets.




In disclosing the following information on major shareholders, the Glazial Group follows the FINMA recommendations on transparency and corporate governance.


Sepp Leiser

Chairman of the board/acting CEO

Mr Leiser is owner of a hedgefund that recently acquired 3% of the Glazial Group shares. Last August, the board elected him president of Glazial. In light of recent events, Mr Leiser is also acting CEO until a replacement has been found.


Prof Susanne Suter

Chief Science Officer

Susanne Suter has been CSO at Glazial since 2009 and pioneered the development of our Gesicht software. Last june, Professor Suter decided to seek opportunities elsewhere. She will leave the Glazial Group at the end of the year.


Jon Roth

Member of the board/Chief Technology Officer

Jon Roth is a valued long-time employee at the Glazial Group, having been with us for several cycles. As of August, he is also a member of the board. As CTO, he is currently overseeing the development of the CEO Test, the software designed to find our next CEO.