Sarah Bianchi / Chief of Human Resources



Joined company: 2014

Age: 38

Origin: Ticino, Switzerland

Ideology: Syndicalist, collectivist

Psychology: revolutionary, choleric


Sarah Bianchi's records show a deep involvement in alternative leftist groups. After being convinced that such people were the last possible source for any revolution, Bianchi founded her own union, SYMBIONT. She is far from the ideal HR management candidate for any company, but handled the extreme downsizing of GLAZIAL fairly well.


Sarah Bianchi joined GLAZIAL shortly before its radical downsizing, which she then executed herself on behalf of CEO Laurent Oprescu.


*From Sarah Bianchi's Multinational Union Manual:*

"Capitalism must be pushed as far as possible to completely erode all remaining feudal and tribal structures. Only a society based on pure performance, individual freedom and rule of law can be the basis for the next step, communism, which in turn must develop these humanistic principles beyond the limits of free market society."

"Large companies develop structures similar to failed communist systems. To get the same resources every year, managers must burn though their budgets. So they invent work."

"Forget the international worker revolution. Instead, observe how capitalism infested the globe and every aspect of life. Slowly and incremental. As we create the embryo of a new system, it must be even more shapeless and competetive than free markets."

"The most perpetuating lie about the super rich is that most of them are "self-made." They themselves want to believe that, because it makes their wealth not only more acceptable to everyone else, but also to themselves."