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A nonlinear, story-driven game about corporate control.


The Glazial Group is looking for a new CEO. We are currently developing the CEO Test to preselect potential candidates. This CEO Test will be released as a game, combining nonlinear storytelling with strategy-building elements to test potential applicants’ abilities to deal with economic complexity and emotional challenges.

Apply for the position of CEO by playing the game once it is released.

The Glazial Group’s headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland.


You play the role of a newly elected CEO, leading the Glazial Group through a series of mergers and hostile takeovers. Control the conglomerate using the Gesicht software, which constantly tests and evaluates your decisions.

MANAGE THE COMPANY: Acquire unique companies, start strange projects, hire (or, more amusingly, fire) hundreds of employees.

MANAGE YOURSELF: Play with your emotions and defend your sanity as you negotiate through too many business meetings.

GROW THE CONGLOMERATE: Expand your corporate empire into the weakened European market.



Because our last CEO sold everything, the Glazial Group can only grow inorganically, meaning by merging with and buying other companies. As CEO, you will take part in M&A negotiations and, after the deal is made, synchronize corporate cultures.


Since the Glazial Group has no choice but to expand, we expect you to master the art of buying without asking. When acquiring a firm, their owners consent is sufficient – the managers might disagree and leave, but they are replaceable. As are you.


Major changes in our shareholders and management provide the Glazial Group with the opportunity to reshape the rules and practices by which our conglomerate was controlled until now. Our future corporate governance will be shaped by how you perceive and fulfill your role as CEO.

To make a plot truly nonlinear, there’s no way around writing multiple plots and combining them.


Economic systems and humans are difficult to predict, so our CEO Test reflects that reality with nonlinear storytelling. Whether you grab for personal wealth, advance the interests of the company or work with unions – it’s all up to you.

EARLY STORY BRANCHING: Even the very first conversation in the game can alter the plot dramatically.

REPLAYABILITY: Your choices affect the game’s economic system, the fate of individual characters, even the genre of the story and the kind of game you’re playing.

SENSITIVE: Gameplay and story are tightly interwoven. From drinking a cup of tea to acquiring a giant technology firm – every action can have an impact.

This game builds on the categorization of emotions as proposed by Parrott (2001) and adds some more.


The Glazial Group expects their future CEO to understand and control emotions, especially her own.

YOU JUST FELT LIKE IT: No gutsy decisions without aggression, no desperate decisions without fear. Eight mental states influence your decisions in the game.

EVERYTHING IS PSYCHOACTIVE: Green tea, lsd, decisions in dialogue, jogging – it all impacts your characters emotions and in turn the kind of decisions she can make.


This dietary supplement contains a mix of 5-htp, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin d. Degeneres has all you need to complete your evolution from a member of the old gather-hunter society to today’s service economy. Sunlight, physical exercise and even human contact become mere voluntary supplements to Degeneres.


Liberated from the burden of its original Buddhist ethics and metaphysics, the full potential of mindfulness meditation can be unleashed. Its uses include but are not limited to: increasing overall efficiency, reducing need for sleep, easing neuroses, relieving headaches, and, for the more ambitious manager, some sort of enlightenment.


Detachment is best described not as an emotion but as a state of mind that dampens all emotions. At best, it provides a healthy distance towards everything, allowing clear and rational thought. At worst, the distance becomes too great, leading to confusion and depersonalization. Reportedly caused by meditation, drugs or video games.

What you feel influences what you can say. And the other way around.


The dialogue in the game adapts not only to your “hard fact” choices, like business decisions, but also to your emotions, knowledge and material assets. Every line of dialogue you choose has an effect on the game.

CAUSE: How you feel determines your choice of things to say.

EFFECT: What you say seals informal deals and changes how you feel.

DATAMINING: In conference calls, the Gesicht software will display details about your negotiation partner, from salary to sexual preferences.